One size doesn’t fit all

We’re on week 5 of the CJBSsmdl. This week we’ve been asked to listen to one of the very interesting  podcasts recorded by the coordinators and blog about it.

I’ve chosen Nathalie’s podcast on using social media from an External Affairs perspective. She starts by explaining that the only way to get social media right is by knowing and understanding your audience. You (or your organization) will have different types of audience, these people will be on different platforms, looking for different content and engaging on different ways. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all. Content needs to be tailored to the audience and the channel you’re using. Some of them are better for creating conversations, such as LinkedIn or Facebook, others are great to push and broadcast content like Soundcloud.

Nathalie also described the 3 main types of audience at CJBS: colleagues within the School, the rest of the University and the wider world.  This last category can then be sub-segmented into more specific groups, such as Alumni, prospective students and the general public. The key for the External Affairs team is to privide these groups with relevant content, at the right time and using the right tone.  Content must also be consistent and it must reinforce the image that CJBS wants to project: a place that is an intellectual powerhouse.

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